The Draft

The Major League Baseball Draft is one of the most exciting times in a player’s career. It can also be complicated and overwhelming to learn the business of baseball for the first time.

ZS Sports prepares players for the Draft by educating each client and his family about the overall draft process, discussing what the player, his coaches, and his representation can do to impact his draft status, and communicating all deal negotiating options available to each player.

We limit the number of draft clients we take on each year so that we are positioned to provide dedicated and conflict-free personal attention leading up to the draft, and to help ensure all decisions are made in each player’s best interest. Our goal is to support our clients in securing their most competitive placements in the overall draft.

2021 ZS Sports MLB Draft Class

DRU BAKER – 4th Round – Tampa Bay Rays
CREED WILLEMS – 8th Round ($1 Million Bonus) – Baltimore Orioles
WILL DION – 9th Round – Cleveland Indians
AARON HOLIDAY – 13th Round – Oakland Athletics
KYLE WHITTEN – Free Agent – Tampa Bay Rays

“The draft process was definitely an unforgettable time in my life, but also a time that was very stressful. From wondering if I was going to get drafted or if I was going to college, Kevin, Tim, and Jon definitely took the stress off of me because I knew they had everything under control … they were transparent with me, so I had an idea of what all was happening.”
- Creed Willems, Baltimore Orioles

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